Building Safety Regulator – HSE



Our mission in the BSR is ambitious – we exist to protect people and save lives. The Grenfell Tower disaster will be forever a reminder that this type of incident must never be allowed to happen again in England, and you have a role to help deliver the change needed to ensure residents can feel safe in their homes.

Chris, Deputy Chief Inspector


At the Building Safety Regulator, our mission is what keeps us moving. Standing safer together means keeping our buildings and communities safe, secure, and protected for generations to come. And working with us means working towards something bigger.

Whether you have a passion for engineering, architecture, construction or public safety, there’s no shortage of opportunities for you to get involved in the work we do.

We were created for communities, and everything we do helps to safeguard lives and help people feel safe in their homes.

We welcome your interest and invite to you apply and join us on this remarkable journey. Your unique perspective, experience and dedication will contribute to building a culture of excellence and drive positive change across the industry. Together we can create a safer environment where individuals are safe in their own homes.